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Gabby’s fishing fever

Lakes dropping, but fish are biting

This is the time of year the lakes are slowly being drawn down to winter pool.

This sudden drop of water will make some backwater areas and some shallow areas all but dry. With all this water movement, it will cause fish to move to keep from getting landlocked or left in too shallow of water.

This will cause fish to relocate to more main lake areas and to areas with deeper more stable water levels.

During this time of year the fish like bass will roam all over the place and also follow shad schools. You just have to watch for any sign of feeding action and try to fish close to the area.

Baits like crank baits and spinner baits plus top water and jerk and popper style baits will draw strikes. And always the buzz bait is a top producer of fall bass.

So when the lake is dropping, the fish still are a’biting.

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