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Crappie: Agressive or slow-feeding?

This is one of the most beautiful times of the year with the leaves at full color and the air crisp and cool. The lakes are close to winter pool and most fish, including crappie, are settling into their fall patterns.

The unusual warm temperatures for this time of year have thrown most fish off their fall patterns because the water temperatures are several degrees warmer than normal. During this time of year, water should be in the 68-degree range but on several lakes it is closer to the 71-degree range. This may not sound like much, but this time of year it means the difference between slow feeding crappie and very aggressive feeding crappie.

Be sure to check your water temps this time of year. As I said, the magic temperature is said to be 68 degrees. Crappie will bite in mild water and in colder water. On some lakes the best crappie fishing of the year is in the winter months.

In milder weather like we are having right now, crappie will be scattered out and in colder weather they will school off of main lake deeper structure. So no matter what the season, good crappie fishing is not far away.

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