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Gabby’s fishing fever

It’s always fun to fish in Georgia

I recently got to go down south to Georgia and spend Thanksgiving with family, and they happen to live on a very nice lake that has great fishing.

Where it is so far south, the air and water temperatures are much warmer than what we have around here. We were out all day fishing in a t-shirt.

I have fished this lake for years and have caught several big catfish, carp, crappie and big bluegill and several bass over five pounds. So you could say I really like this little lake.

On our most recent trip I got to do some great bluegill fishing. We caught several close to a pound.

At first we were fishing close to the bank and was not doing very well. Then we started making long casts to a bank across from us. It was deeper and had a lot of overhanging cover.

We made our casts about five feet off the bank and began getting all kinds of action. We fished this general area most of the day and ended up catching about 30 nicesize bluegill. We also caught some decent bass.

I always look forward to going to Georgia and fishing this lake. I am just waiting to catch my monster-size bass someday.

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