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Gabby’s fishing fever

Time to reorganize your tackle box

Now is the time to just stay warm and plan your next trip when the temperatures warm up some.

There are some fishing trips going on now, but you have to be very carful this time of year. Even just a few seconds in the water could be life threatening, so be very safe if you go out.

This is a great time to take advantage of the free time and organize your tackle and lures and clean and oil your reels. During the year of active fishing it is very easy to let a tackle bag or box get all mixed up. One of the best ways I have found to keep baits and tackle organized and easy to find and use is to use the plastic trays with the dividers in them.

These trays will hold a ton of tackle and will make keeping everything in its own place so easy.

Most of these are clear and you can see exactly what you have in each one.

These trays come in many sizes for bluegill baits all the way up to musky and stripper baits over a foot long. And for the bass angler who has a small Bass Pro amount of lures, these are a heaven sent tackle organizing solution.

You can take bass baits and separate them into types like crank baits, spinners, buzz baits, top waters, jigs and worms and so on, and even into sizes. Then put them in their own tray and mark the lid of the tray with the type of bait. This works out great when you are ready to fish, and when you get all your trays ready you can use a soft-sided tackle bag to carry several at a time.

Once you get this system down and really stick to it, you will see it is the best way to go.

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