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Gabby’s fishing fever

Time to visit a smallmouth lake

This is a time of year that a lot of winter anglers go after the big smallmouth on known smallmouth bass lakes.

Most of these lakes are deeper, clear water lakes with lots of banks that have small gravel-type rocks and weed beds or some wood type of deeper cover. These are prime areas close to banks that have deeper water close by.

These are key areas that smallies will use in winter to look for food. They will follow shad and baitfish schools and feed off the weak and dying ones.

So fishing in these types of areas with baits that resemble this type of baitfish will work best.

Slow, steady retrieves of baits work well in the colder water. Baits like crank baits and tube baits and jigs and float and fly setups all work well.

Lakes like Dale Hollow and Lake Cumberland, Laurel River Lake and many lakes in Tennessee like Cherokee Lake and Norris Lake are all good smallmouth bass lakes.

Smallmouth bass can be very aggressive in colder water and feed fairly shallow, so just check out fishing reports and pick a good lake and you can really have a good wintertime smallmouth trip.

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