Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Several nice bass being caught now

All this warm weather has got everyone ready for spring and ready to go fishing.

I have seen several reports and pictures of some nice bass caught this year, some out of lakes and a few from rivers. I have seen bass caught in Kentucky and Tennessee lakes. I believe the worst of winter is over.

What we have as far as fishing right now for bass is kind of a unusual situation. In bass fishing everything is broken down into four basic seasons and within these seasons it is broken down into three time periods based around the spawn.

The pre-spawn, which is where we are now, the spawn in spring and the post-spawn when the bass scatter out after the spawn of the young bass. During each of these three spawn periods there are fishing patterns that bass anglers use to catch bass.

These are tried and true patterns that have been used for years. These patterns can involve certain baits and tackle and fishing certain times and certain types of cover or water depths.

These patterns can change one day to the next this time of year. Mostly they are affected by quickly changing weather patterns and sudden temperature changes. The best condition is steady warming stable weather over a several day period to make good fishing. But a overnight drop in temperature can stop the action dead in its tracks.

So this time of year, check for warm, stable weather for your best chance of catching bass early in the season.

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