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Gabby’s fishing fever

Get out and catch some crappie

I have talked to a few anglers that have caught some decent crappie recently, but most were most were caught away from here in Tennessee and Georgia — areas that warm faster than we do.

Anytime you have a warmer climate the fish will be feeding earlier in the season, but it will not be long before our lakes and shallows will be warming up some and improving the crappie action.

Crappie is one of the first fish to become active early in the season, and will actually feed all year and right through the winter months. This makes crappie a favorite among wintertime and early season anglers everywhere.

Crappie will hold in shallow depths way up into the winter months. Baits like small tube baits and crappie jigs can be deadly in cooler water and the all time favorite, a small live minnow, will always be a top bait choice.

Look for areas with some type of cover and slowly fish these areas with these baits and move around to find the best action.

If you need to get out of the house, give this type of fishing a try.

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