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Gabby’s fishing fever

Watching the ‘signs’ at Carr Creek


I recently went by Carr Creek Lake In Knott County and saw the lake is still low but slowly rising. The good part is that the water had a real good healthy green color and looked nice and stable.

I have fished Carr Creek since it was filled and I know it very well. You can look at certain things during the year as signs of what the fish should be doing. When the trees start budding out, especially the dogwood trees, the crappie will start moving into shallow areas and newly flooded areas as the water rises. This is the most guaranteed pattern on this lake.

For many years I have gone up into the Carr Creek area of the lake and fished for crappie and caught a large number of nice ones fishing this pattern each year.

Soon, the bass will start moving into the same areas and feed on baitfish schools. This is the kickoff to the spring season and I cannot wait to get out fishing.

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