Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Slow down while the weather is cool

We have been in kind of a cool weather pattern for the past several days, with the nights being very cool.

This type of “mild” weather slows everything down some including the fishing. Fish love the nice warm weather when they can chase shad and baitfish into shallow areas to feed. But when the cooler weather comes through it slows fish down and they become less aggressive. This means when it comes to fishing that you will need to slow down and downsize your tackle and go to lighter line.

Instead of the active fish chasing shad in the shallows they will now be a little deeper and holding close to some form of cover or closer to deeper water like a channel or drop off. Go to smaller baits with little built-in action like rattles. Stay with more natural looking colors. When you make your cast, try to work it in and around cover instead of open water banks and areas. Remember, fish more slowly and you will do better.

Use slow moving baits like a worm or tube bait or small jig style bait. You may even use some type of live bait if you prefer.

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