Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Enjoy the calm of night fishing

It is now time to start fishing after dark for crappie.

I have seen several boats at Carr Creek Lake fishing on crappie holes late at night recently. I have fished this lake for many years for crappie and night fishing has been the best fishing by far.

You can ask most any crappie anglers about night fishing and they will tell you it is just a whole different style of fishing when the anglers have the lake to themselves. Night fishing means there are no speedboats or water skiers or jet skies running all over the place, and the lake is calm and still and just right for the nighttime anglers.

I like to pick out a couple of good-looking spots before dark and then fish them after dark. I have had good luck doing this over the years. It is hard to move around a lot after dark on most lakes — even on a lake you have fished for years — as they take on a whole new look at night.

Finding your way around on the water at night can become very confusing. Good lights are helpful. Still, nighttime can be one of the most relaxing times of the day to fish and one of the best times to fish. The action can really pick up at times during the night.

I like to take food to eat and plenty of hot coffee when I go night fishing. I always look forward to getting to go every chance I can and I think you would also.

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