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The many benefits of bobber fishing


One of the oldest forms of basic fishing is using a bobber, or a floater as many fishermen call it. Some anglers just about always use floaters for crappie and bluegill fishing, and even for catching catfish. But some anglers prefer to not use them much.

It does not matter — just use whatever works for you best. As for myself, I have always liked to use floaters most of the time. I have several reasons for using a floater. One is the little bit of added weight it adds to your line. This makes casting a little farther and casting in windy situations easier. It also lets you stay back farther from a target area and make a longer cast and not spook catchable fish.

One of the biggest advantages of using a bobber is the ability to quickly and simply change the depth in which your bait is presented. Why is this so important? Because most fish feed looking up. And by knowing at what depth the fish are holding, you can adjust your floater to a depth just a little above the fish so it gets the most looks from feeding fish. This will greatly increase your catch percentage. Just this alone is reason enough for me to use them.

Having a floater on the surface also lets you know what is going on with your bait in the water. You just watch it for a strike or run. Myself I would rather use them, but that is up to each angler.

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