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Night fishing for big bass pays off

There are times that are just more fun to bass fish and night fishing is just one of these times.

I have fished all my life and I have always preferred to night fish for bass rather than during the day. There are several reasons I like it better.

For one, it is not near as hot as during the day and I do not know about everyone but I do not like fishing when it is that hot and you are burning up. It is so much more comfortable at nighttime. And the good part is that the bass will be more active after dark and will use the cover of night to move closer to the bank and into shallow areas and feed on the surface after dark.

This leads to some very exciting fishing. Bass will strike a surface bait very hard at night. Baits like buzz baits and spinner type baits and surface or top water baits that splash water when retrieved. This is the type of explosive action that will get your heart pumping. This is also the time some big bass get out and feed.

There are also slower moving baits that are deadly on nighttime bass. The best one to me is the plastic worm. Over the years I have caught so many nice bass on worms at night, probably more than all other baits put together. If you are night fishing with worms you are best to stick with darker colors like black blue, purple, brown, orange and colors like that they just give a better visible look at night.

At night, bass do not really rely on vision much to look for food but use their sense of hearing and the feel of vibrations given off by a moving bait fish or a lure. They detect these vibrations by what is called the lateral line that runs the length of their body; these are nerve endings that detect the slightest movement in the water. These are the visible stripes you see running down their bodies. But they use this to locate a bait fish or a lure in dark or stained water. So try to use baits with built-in rattles to help give off this sound.

If you have not night fished for bass in a while, you owe it to yourself to give it a try soon.

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