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Cranks baits can do it all in fishing

Last week I talked about surface and top water baits and this week I want to cover crank baits.

Crank baits have been around for a long time and have caught countless bass for many anglers over the years. I consider this bait one of my best bass catching baits that I have in my own bass fishing tackle box. I spend more money on crank baits than I do any other bait. Some high-end crank baits like Lucky Craft and some of the baits made out of Japan can get very pricey. But just like any bait you can buy cheap to expensive in any thing.

Most of the time a good quality crank bait will cost from $5 to around $8 apiece. These baits are basically put in three general classes, shallow running, medium running and deep diving baits.

The shallow to medium running baits are by far the most widely used. These will run from just under the surface to around four feet deep. The medium running baits will run in the six footto around eight foot-depth and the deep diving anything below that.

There are several things that affect the running depth of a crank bait. One is general lure design and lure weight and most visible thing is bill size and design. The bigger the bill and the flatter it is make the bait dive deeper. The bill is designed to catch water against it as the bait is reeled or pulled through the water. The resistance of the water will push the bait deep faster and keep it down longer. Some baits are made to run at 20-plus feet deep.

The smaller, more angled bills will let the bait have less drag in the water and be fished shallower. Some are made to twitch side to side and wobble like a injured bait fish. These turn a bass on to strike like nothing else.

As far as rods to fish a crank bait, most lure companies and pro anglers use a longer medium action rod with a good backbone section in the butt of the rod and a limber action on the tip of the rod. This allows for longer, more accurate casts and the longer rod helps to set the hook faster with the extra leverage and to pick up slack line off the water faster during a hook set. Also, the longer rod allows better control of the bait when the angler is trying to add action to the bait by twitching the rod or changing reel retrieve speed while reeling the bait in.

Just give these baits a try for some early fall bass fishing action.

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