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Gabby’s fishing fever

Carp put up a fight, are fun to catch

The big plus about coming to Georgia is that my family members live right on the banks of a good-sized lake. I have fished this lake for years and have caught some big bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill and the fish we caught on Thanksgiving Day — big carp.

I am not usually a real big carp angler, but this time it is only fish that would bite. We made up some bread dough balls and fished them under a floater about two feet deep. We cast out into open water about 10 feet off the bank and saw quite a few carp swimming around and breaking the surface.

On most casts it only took a short time to get some action. I caught my first fish and it pulled hard and it felt like a good fish. As I worked it in, it made several hard runs and it was hard to hold on to. When I did get it in it was about 15 inches long and weighed about five pounds.

Later I saw my floater take off again. I was using lightweight tackle and a six-pound test line, so I could not put much pressure on the fish during the fight. And then my floater was gone and I set the hook and I could tell this was a big fish. All I could do was hold pressure on the fish hoping to wear it down. I did not want to get my line broken on a hard run. I let it run for a good while and finally got it close enough to net.

This fish was two feet long and weighed a little over 10 pounds. This was a nice fish. We fished a while longer and caught several more nice ones. This made a good ending to a good Thanksgiving.

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