Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Don’t let winter stop your fishing

This is early December and the late fall of the year, but some good fishing is going on at some lakes for fish like bass.

These fish will stay active most of the year until the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees, then largemouth bass will become less active and move to deeper warmer water. But smallmouth bass will stay active in the colder water and feed on shad in the winter months.

Some smallmouth anglers prefer to fish in colder weather because on some lakes the smallies are more active and trophy size bass are caught this time of year.

Baits like crank baits are good this time of year and widely used by many anglers. Also slower baits like jigs and tube baits are great for slower feeding bass.

This is big, monster smallmouth season and a lot of trophy smallmouth are caught this time of year on good bass lakes. There are several good smallmouth bass lakes in Tennessee like my favorite Dale Hollow Lake.

If you are looking for some cool weather bass action, just check out some of these lakes.

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