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Be careful if you go fishing in winter

It sure has gotten colder these last few days, but it is that time of year — and the time most anglers stay inside and wait until spring to start fishing again. This is fine, but there are a few anglers who will brave the cold and try to catch some type of fish.

There are some fish, like the smallmouth bass, the striper, trout and crappie that still feed in colder weather and will give up some good action to those willing to get out and give it a try. This is where you have to do a little homework and check around online and make a few calls to lakes that are known to have good winter action for whatever fish you are after. This will make your trip much more productive and enjoyable for sure.

When on the water in a boat in winter be safe and dress in layers and wear face and hand cover. And always wear your lifejackets. To fall into the water now could be a life-threating situation.

I have done a lot of winter fishing over the years and have never had any trouble. But use common sense and be safe and have fun.

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