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Gabby’s fishing fever

Did you forget to buy a fishing gift?

Although Christmas Day has come and gone, you can still buy a gift for that angler you may have forgotten.

Most anglers are pretty easy to buy for and are basically happy with any gift from someone. I know I have received lures from family members who did not even know what the lure was. I took it and thanked them because it is the thought of them giving and it will be used at some time.

Buying fishing gifts is like anything else. You can buy a $1 bag of bobbers or pay over $300 for a big name rod and reel. In most cases I would be more likely to get the bag of bobbers, but be just as thankful for it as I would for a high dollar gift. There is a very wide selection of fishing related items to choose from as gifts. There are baits of every type, fishing line, hooks, sinkers and all types of fishing accessories including rods reels and a ton of other stuff in every price range. So finding a gift is no big deal.

I would like to take this time to say I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that you will have great New Year. Thanks for reading this column each week, and I look forward to the coming year.

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