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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Take advantage when days are warm

If there is one thing that has a big impact on fishing this time of year, it is the weather and temperatures.

We have had some very cold record lows in the past few weeks, but we are seeing a big warm-up now. This will help some in the fishing on most lakes. Bass and other fish will move around more as the temperatures rise some and stable weather returns for a while.

Bass like smallmouth are not near as affected by the cold temperatures as largemouth bass are and will feed and stay active most of the year. Also, fish like crappie, trout and strippers will feed in colder water on some lakes.

This time of year it is always smart to check out fishing reports or any information you can get on a lake before making a trip. This will make your trip much better. Some lakes just are better to fish in colder weather and offer better action so be sure to check them out first.

Always be careful when out on the water this time of yea. With most lake temperatures below 50 degrees, a fall into the water could be fatal so be very careful and be safe and enjoy a day of fishing.

If it seems the warm spell has helped the fishing on the lake you are on, then you can fish faster baits like a crankbait for bass. If it is still slow, use baits like jigs or tube baits.

Just be careful and be safe.

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