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When small baits catch big fish

Many baits will catch many different fish and these baits come in a lot of sizes — from large baits for musky and stripers to small baits for crappie and bluegill.

During this time of year the smaller baits seem to work well for most all types of fish. Smallsize baits are made now for most fish that are productive. There is an old saying that big baits catch big fish and in the right times of the year this is true, such as in the peak of the fall fishing season. But at other times — like now and in the early spring fishing season — the smaller baits work best.

There is a reason for this. In warmer summer weather the fish have more energy and a higher metabolism rate, which means they will eat more to keep up that energy level and will use that energy faster and have to eat sooner to replace it. Fish such as bass will chase bait farther and faster and go after bigger bait.

In the colder winter water with the temperatures around or below the 50-degree range, this changes everything. Fish become much less feeding active and their metabolism rate goes way down and it takes much less food to keep them going. The digestion of food is much slower. So a smaller bait or meal is much more attractive to a bass.

Fish smaller baits close to deeper banks and cover and fish much slower. And remember, right now smaller baits catch bigger fish.

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