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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing high waters after hard rains

We have had a lot of rain and flooding lately and it has pushed the rivers and streams out of their banks and raised many lakes very high. When the water is like this, fishing is just too dangerous and too tough. But a few days after the waters settle down and clear some, there are areas worth fishing.

Any experienced fisherman knows the toughest fishing you will ever face is cold, muddy water, and that is what you have on most of our waters right now. But like I said, give it a few days and look for areas of even slightly clearer water and watch for any signs of activity like minnows breaking the surface or slashing feeding bass. Also birds will be working areas where baitfish are.

The water has been in the low 50s most of the winter but now thanks to some warmer days and milder nights the temperatures are in the higher 50s. This will make all the difference to active fish. If you find a clearer area with signs of activity, you need to use lightweight line around 8-pound test and use small lures like jigs and tube baits. Make soft easy casts close to cover and slowly work the bait with very little action.

The fish will be very spooky right now and be slow to feed, so just keep it slow and easy for best results. If you can find the surface area where the clear and muddy water meet, it will form a line. Fish like bass will use this mud line as a place to hide and run out on prey passing by so work these areas with small crank baits right along this line.

Just think, good spring fishing will be here soon

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