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Crappie are biting in Tennessee

I have gotten reports about many nice crappie being caught in Tennessee lakes such as Cherokee Lake. I have friends that work around that area or have campers and homes down there and most are telling about some good numbers of crappie and some big ones being caught.

I have fished this lake all my life off and on and have camped and boated there many times. One coal company I used to work for, Golden Oak, used to have big fishing tournaments on this lake for all the workers. My dad and I won the crappie part several times and always had fun and always caught a lot of big crappie.

This lake has always been known as a topnotch bass and crappie lake and for offering yearround fishing. Several years ago we would night fish for crappie and we would look for deeper cover on the fish finder. Visible cover is rare on this lake. Most manmade brush piles or cover were placed on the end of points or next to a drop off close to a channel. This was usually done when the lake was down to winter pool. Then when the lake was full at summer pool, the water would cover the brush and make some great fishing spots.

When I was doing my fishing show in the late 1990’s, I did several episodes on Cherokee Lake and always seemed to do well and make a good show.

If you have not fished this lake in a while, give it a try. I plan on doing it soon.

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