Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Pictures of nice bass are being shared

I have seen a lot of nice pictures of some good bass being caught the last few weeks. Most are in the Tennessee TVA lakes like Cherokee. The lakes there always turn on a few weeks before they do in our area. Soon the bass fishing will be good here if the temperatures stay warm. Cold fronts will kill bass fishing.

With this week’s forecast calling for warm to cold and rainy weather, it is not a good forecast for fishing. When the weather is warm and stable, bass will become more active on baits like crank baits and slower baits such as jigs and tube baits. Bass will be following baitfish schools and feeding. Look for signs of feeding like any surface disturbance such as minnows or feeding fish breaking the surface and fish baits like small crank baits.

Because the bass are feeding on baitfish it is smart to fish crank baits that have similar colors such as silver, white, black, blue or combos of these colors. Fish around areas where action has been seen and make long casts past that area. Work your bait through the area and give it some action by twitching the rod or changing the retrieve speed. This gives the action of an injured baitfish and will trigger a strike by feeding bass most of the time.

Use lighter line in the eightpound test range. A longer rod with a good tip action makes it much easier to fish crank baits and set the hook. If you cannot get away to bass fish right now just wait a few more weeks and it should get better around here.

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