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Campers boast improved flooring

I just came back from the 2018 East Kentucky Sport, Boat and RV Show in Pikeville. I look forward to going every year, as there is always something new and different.

For the last few years, the biggest thing on the pontoon boats and campers has been the use of LED lighting. On the nicer pontoon boats, the LED lights are used around cup holders and on the dash as backlighting and in the floor area as walkway lighting. Most of the campers on display had LED lights that change colors on the canopies. Many of the lights outline the trim as decorator lighting, which looks very nice.

On the inside of the campers, LED lighting is used everywhere as well. Some have electric fireplaces that use LED lights to simulate a burning fire. It is amazing to see all the way LED lighting is being used.

The biggest new development I saw at this year’s show is the use of weatherproof vinyl flooring on both pontoon boats and campers. This is a great way to go, as it does away with the worn-out ripped or stained carpeting.

It makes the campers much easier to take care of and it looks like real hardwood flooring. If you have not been to a show yet, find one and check it all out.

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