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Gabby’s fishing fever

Matching the level of bass activity

I am glad the early spring bass fishing season is here and I am more than ready to get going.

Several fishermen have already had some good bass fishing trips. Most of the best action seems to be on some of the Tennessee lakes. They always clear up and rise and warm up before our area lakes. I have seen some nice catches of bass from these lakes during the past few weeks. I am going to try to get started very soon.

Most bass are coming on crank baits and some swim and jerk baits. When you see signs of bass activity like shad minnows breaking the surface or bass breaking the surface, this is a sign of active feeding bass and where you want to concentrate your fishing. Cast small shad pattern crank baits past the area and work it back through the area. Work the bait with a twitching type action to give the effect of an injured baitfish. This drives bass wild and puts them in the strike mood for an easy meal.

Little things like I just described will give you an edge to catch more and bigger bass. If the action is slower then slow down to lighter line and tackle and smaller baits. Also, fish slower baits like jigs and tube baits in and around cover.

Most of the time if you just see what the activity level of the bass is then fish to match it. You will do much better that way.

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