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Dogwoods blooming? Fish for crappie

I was going past Carr Creek Lake the other day and saw it was almost to summer pool and looked really good, with a nice green color to it.

When water rises in early spring it has warmed some and will move into backwater areas. When it does this it brings new food into the water and schools of baitfish will move to these new areas to feed. The game fish like bass and crappie will follow to feed of the baitfish. This makes these areas great places to start your spring fishing for bass and crappie.

I always used the blooming of the dogwood trees as kind of a time to start crappie fishing shallow and it works most of the time. If there is some type of cover like wood rocks or weeds or even manmade cover like old Christmas trees or fish attractors this is a big plus for crappie.

I have caught big numbers of crappie this time of year in shallow water around cover, mostly on live minnows but also on small colored tube baits and crappie jigs. As for bass, faster moving baits like crank baits and spinner baits fished on long casts down the bank is a high percentage way to fish. Anytime you can make your cast and retrieve parallel to the bank or cover you greatly increase your success rate by having the bait in front of feeding fish much longer than casting in and out to the bank.

Just a few little things like this will help you have a better spring fishing trip.

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