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Why bluegill are great fish to catch

Many of us grew up getting our start in fishing by catching bluegill. This is a great fish to introduce a young child or a newcomer to fishing, because these little fish will hit when nothing else will and are just about always aggressive and willing to run with your bait.

Bluegill are just about everywhere. In the lakes these fish are found from deep water to shallow water and will feed just about all day long, only slowing down well after dark.

You do not need a lot of big expensive tackle to fish for bluegill and just good light action gear is fine. Small tackle and light line will work in most cases. There is no shortage of baits for these fish, as worms, red worms, nightcrawlers, mealworms, minnows and many small tube baits and grubs work well. You can even use bread or even a hotdog for bait, with just a very small piece of either on the hook.

Bluegill are usually small, but some get big in ponds and some lakes. There is a large breed of bluegill called “shell crackers” that can weigh over three pounds.

But if you want to catch a lot of fish fast or show a newcomer a good time, fishing the hard-hitting bluegill is the way to go.

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