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Catch bass now with a spinner bait

It is time to fish for bass fish. Anglers are now catching them on most lakes in our region, and a lot the bass are being caught on spinner baits.

Spinner baits are one of the best baits in spring and early summer when schools of baitfish are on the move and heading toward shallow areas with game fish like the bass and crappie following them and feeding. As spinner baits look and act like a minnow, using one now is a very good idea and will help you catch more bass.

I have heard some fisherman say that spinner baits do not look or act like anything, but I do not really agree with that. I believe that a spinner looks just like a minnow or shad swimming through the water. When an injured shad moves through water it jerks and twitches, giving off vibrations in the water that a bass will track and strike, thinking it has an easy meal.

While its blade or blades spin and give off the same type of vibrations in the water as a bass, spinner baits also work well as a “visual” bait bass can see and follow.

Spinners come in many color and sizes. Tackle best suited for this type of bait is a long rod with good bottom end and a limber tip. This makes casting and retrieving this bait much better. If you have not tried spinner baits for bass in a while, now is the time.

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