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Catching big bass from ‘visible cover’

When you are fishing and see visible cover it is hard to not make a cast to it. Most fishermen know that bass, bluegill and crappie love to hang out in areas like this.

Visible cover comes in many different types — anything from wood to rocks to weeds to flooded timber to about anything in the water. On some lakes even bridge supports are great places to fish. The good thing about visible cover is you can see where you are fishing and can control your cast and where your lure or bait is located.

This is a great way to bluegill and crappie fish, as both these fish really enjoy holding on shoreline cover. You can make your way down a bank and really do well by casting a minnow or worm into these types of areas this is a way to catch a lot of fish.

I really enjoy fishing in this type of cover from the front of my boat. When you’re bass fishing look for larger visible cover like trees, fallen timber, weeds, large rocks and anything of size to cast toward. When bass are just holding around these areas, fish moving baits like a crank bait or spinner bait, or a top-water such as a jerk bait or buzz bait. This will draw out active bass from cover.

If the bass are holding tight to the cover, slower baits like worms, jigs and tube baits work best. Make your cast tight to the cover and slowly work the bait and allow it to fall down into areas in the cover where big bass are waiting.

So if you see visible cover, take time to fish it. It could pay off big.

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