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Gabby’s fishing fever

It’s time for smaller lures, lighter tackle

Rising water temperatures always make fish like bass and crappie move from shoreline cover and scatter out to a little deeper water. At this time they will not move very far from shallow areas, but just to where deeper water can be close by.

Now is the time bass and crappie move from shoreline cover known as primary cover out to the first type of cover from the bank known as secondary cover. They will move in and out of these types of areas depending on things like water temperatures, safety, spawning stages, and to follow food.

Right now is a good time to use smaller lures on lighter line and lighter tackle. Bass are just coming off the spawn on most lakes and can be spooked by a lot of noise from larger lures. Try to target cover close to or just off the shore and where deeper water meets shallow areas. Use baits like small crank baits and spinner baits. Worms, jigs and tube baits also work well. Small top-waters fished close to cover will draw good strikes by active bass.

As summer goes on and it really becomes hot, bass will move much deeper. So for now this pattern should hold for a while.

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