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Top water bass fishing

If you ask most bass anglers their favorite and the most exciting way to catch bass, most would say on top water.

The sight of a big bass blowing up on a top water bait is a very exciting and sometimes heart-stopping event. I have seen largemouth bass hit a top water lure so hard they knocked it several feet in the air.

The top water bass fishing has been good of late on our area lakes. Several fisherman — some fishing bass tournaments and some just out fishing — report that bass have been caught on top water baits where channels hug close to banks. This is a typical early summer pattern that bass will use. Bass will hold on areas with shallow water close to banks that have deeper water close by. Look for these types of areas and watch for signs of fish breaking the surface; this is a sign of bass feeding on bait fish close to the surface.

Try to approach the spot as quietly as possible so not spook catchable bass. Make your cast past the area and then work your bait back through the spot and if there is cover, try to work the bait as close to the cover as you can. Make several casts in several directions over the area and then move on down the bank.

This style of top water fishing can be rewarding during day and night fishing both.

Top water baits come in several different styles. The buzz bait is very popular and can draw hard strikes. Poppers and chuggers are good baits also. These types of baits spit water and make a chugging sound when retrieved. Jerk baits like the Rapalas work good on several types of big fish like bass, musky and strippers.

Typically, low light times like just before dark and just after daybreak are peak times for top water action. Also, foggy and overcast weather will move bass to the surface to feed.

Get out soon and give this exciting style of bass fishing a try — it might end up being your favorite.

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