Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Summer’s here; let’s have some fun!

The time is here for summer fishing fun and nothing says summer fun like bluegill fishing.

Many people, like me, started out fishing for the battling little bluegill. These fish are no doubt the most fished for by anglers of all ages during the summer months. They can be found just about anywhere in most lakes and in streams and rivers and ponds everywhere. They are about always feeding and willing to strike baits.

Everybody from the very young on up can have fun and learn a lot about fishing by fishing for these great little fish. While most of the time these fish do not get to be huge, there are some environments where they can reach a big size.

The biggest purebred bluegills I have ever caught were in old farm ponds. Fish weighing more than two pounds are not uncommon, and these are monsters for a bluegill. Every now and then you will catch some bigger bluegill in a lake.

On most area lakes I catch my bigger bluegill in deeper water, from 10 to 12 feet deep. They really like to hang around deep-water brush piles and in big weed beds. While I have used many types of baits for bluegill, you just cannot beat a small piece of red worm or a night crawler. Small minnows work well at times, and bluegill love mealworms.

If you’re looking to take an easy, fun fishing trip or take a young person or someone new to fishing out, give the little bluegill a try.

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