Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie fishermen are happy now

Summer crappie season has started well, as several anglers I have talked have caught some nice crappie.

We are blessed to have some good crappie lakes in our area, including Carr Creek Lake in neighboring Knott County. I have fished this lake for many years and always caught decent crappie and a few real nice size ones. This lake holds mostly white crappie. Many of the Tennessee lakes have mostly black crappie and some white. You will find a mix of these fish on most lakes in our area.

There are several good baits out for crappie like jigs and tube baits. These baits have caught several nice fish over the years, but you can always count on a good lively minnow to draw a strike.

I have been able to fish both Kentucky and Tennessee lakes over the years for crappie and seem to do well most of the time. Several of the coal companies I worked for over the years had fishing tournaments and I always seemed to won the crappie-catching competition.

I have seem some lakes get better over the years and some seem to slow down on crappie fishing. As summer goes on and it really gets hot the crappie will go deeper to cooler water and your best time to fish for them will be night fishing.

If you have not been crappie fishing in a while now is a good time to go.

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