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Gabby’s fishing fever



With summer officially arriving this week, it feels good to get out and fish, but you have to be careful of hot temperatures and be sure to have a place to cool off.

Just like the hotter weather moves some people inside, it also moves fish from shallow areas to deeper and cooler water and to different cover for bass and crappie. And understanding this and using it to plan your fishing trip will give you a big head start.

There are many reasons why fish leave shallow water areas. First, as the shallow water heats up in hot weather the water reaches a point where the oxygen levels break down to a point where fish can no longer breath in it. Also, schools of baitfish are affected the same way and will move toward deeper water. Fish will follow these large schools of baitfish all summer, making this the top bass and crappie fishing pattern for the summer.

“Deeper water” could be only a depth change of a few feet to several feet, depending on the body of water. Clear lakes tend to warm more deeply while lakes that tend to hold water that is more stained or off colored will not heat up as deep.



Some lakes that have banks with a steady drop off into deeper water can be a summer fishing hotspot. On this type of vertical style structure the bass and crappie can move up and down the bank as needed. Bass will often school on these types of areas.

Use this information when planning your next summer fishing trip. You’ll be glad you did.







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