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Gabby’s fishing fever

You can’t beat small water fishing

With summer here again and a lot of traveling going on, we just took a trip to the state of Georgia to see family and friends.

We are lucky to have family that lives on a small lake. We have fished this lake many times and always have had a good time and caught plenty of fish. Over the years I have caught several bass over five pounds and a lot of big crappie and bluegill, catfish and even carp. I seem to always have a good trip most of the time.

This lake is about the same size as Fishpond Lake in Letcher County. I have been out on a small boat on this lake and did really well. There is a small spillway that has a manmade cut-rock wall that was built to run a water wheel for a gristmill. People in the area had corn ground here for many years.

Where the water runs over the old dam is very pretty and makes a little backwater area. We have fished this before and always caught some nice bluegill. It was very hot on this trip and the humidity was around 100 percent. It rained some and that helped a lot. I caught several nice bluegill and had a great time. I love to fish these smaller waterways and I guess I always will.

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