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Gabby’s fishing fever

It’s all about sounds and vibrations

During the heat of summer a lot of anglers start night fishing as a way to beat the heat. It is still muggy after dark, but you do not have the hot sun beating down on you. And sometimes you can get a cool breeze blowing.

But the big plus to night fishing is that most fish will become more active then. Bass, crappie and catfish and walleye are nocturnal feeders and can be more aggressive at night.

During the course of the night hours there are peak times when fish will be the most active. Around this area on our lakes it seems to peak around 2 to 3 a.m., and mostly right before daylight when you hear bass and minnows breaking the surface. This is when you really want to be on your game and alert.

Look and listen for signs of feeding fish breaking the surface and focus your fishing on these areas. Use lures that make a sound or disturbance on the water. Sounds and vibrations given off by minnows and other prey are what attract the fish to an area, so rattling noisy baits works well at night. Top water baits and buzz baits also work very well, along with spinners with large blades.

Fish cannot use sight on most lakes and instead use noise and vibrations to find food. Use this knowledge to your advantage and be safe on your next trip.

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