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Big fish from smaller places

If you have fished for as long as I have then you have probably fished around a lot of different types of cover. And some are better than others at times and some are good just about all the time.

One of these types of cover is a boat dock. Boat docks come in many sizes and shapes. Some are just big enough to get on a boat. Some are big enough for several people to fish off at the same time and some are huge like at a marina of a large lake. I have seen giant docks in Tennessee you could drive a big truck onto, the ones with several huge houseboats on them.

Docks are considered so important to bass and other fishing that they have their own fishing patterns for them and several different ones throughout the year. Of all the fish there are three fish that get the most use out of a dock — bass, crappie and bluegill.

All these fish use a dock in different ways and can be fished for in several ways. The bass will use the shade of a dock in summertime. This can be a great way to catch summertime bass. The more corners and irregular shapes to a dock the more appealing it is to a bass. Look for the darkest shade area and fish here.

Baits like topwaters and buzz baits fished along the side of a dock also a spinner bait can produce hard strikes. Or you can slower fish a worm, jig or tube bait in tight to areas on the dock.

Crappie will use the deeper cover under a dock to hold on in summer. Most anglers will night fish with a light in the water and fish deeper with minnows and small jigs. And bluegill can be caught all day around docks.

Docks offer the angler a safe, dry, more comfortable way to fish and can make for some real good fishing.

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