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Gabby’s fishing fever

When bass go to open waters

Bass are typically fish that hold on some type of cover and wait for prey to come by. But a couple of times a year like spring or early summer and in the fall, bass will move to open water areas and follow large schools of shad.

When bass are doing this, they will become very spooked by most sounds and sights. They are just binge feeding on all the shad they can.

There is a pattern for bass when they are doing this. Use a bait like a small spinner bait or a inline spinner, or a top water like a buzzer or jerk bait. But the biggest thing is the color of the bait. The bass are totally feeding on small shad minnows so use a bait that color matches the shad color like silver and black or some mix of white and silver. These will work beat in most cases.

The key is to watch for where the bass are working the shad and fish. In that are you will see the surface disturbance. Make your cast past the area and work it quickly back through the feeding bass. This activity may pop up anywhere and last a few seconds or several minutes. You just have to be ready to move quickly when it starts.

One reason bass do this is because in warmer weather the bass metabolism speeds up and they need to feed more. But this can be a lot of fun catching a keeper bass on every catch. I have been lucky enough to do this several times over the years.

So if you’re on the lake and this action starts, get in on it if you can.

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