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Crappie are deep during the heat

Crappie are among the most popular fish for many anglers, and for good reason. They are active and fun to fish for most of the time.

During spring, crappie will come up close to shore and in shallow backwater areas to feed on small minnows. When they are in that pattern they are very easy to find and catch. But now that the summer heat has set in the crappie have moved back out to somewhat deeper water and are holding on deeper cover.

As the days get hotter the crappie will look for other times to feed and be active and nighttime can be one of the best times to fish for them. It is cooler and the lake is a lot calmer and the crappie use the cover of night to move shallow into some form of cover to feed. This makes night fishing a top form of catching crappie in summer.

As far as baits go, a small lively minnow is always a top choice. Also small colored jigs and tube baits worked on light line will also work well. Crappie can be very color selective at times so you may have to try different colors to see what works best.

The big bonus about night fishing for crappie is that you can get into a big school of crappie and catch several nice fish on one good spot. If you get the chance to go night fishing for crappie give it a try.

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