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Why the plastic worm is so good

If I had to pick my favorite type of bait to catch bass on it would be a worm or a jig. These are the baits on which I have caught so many bass over the years. Most of the fishing tournaments I have won and most of the bigger bass I have caught were on these two baits.

You can ask anyone who has ever fished for bass and they will tell you how much they fish these baits. But we will talk about worms for now. The plastic worm has been around in some form for many years. This bait has caught countless numbers of bass for anglers over the years and won professional anglers a lot of money. Plastic worms are “go to” baits for sure. If you do not know what bait to cast, pick up a rod with a worm and fish it. You cannot go wrong.

The worm in the water looks natural to a bass, gives off no sign of not being real, and will not spook a bass. If anything, bass will hit with great force on a strike, so much so that I have had my fishing rod almost jerked out of my hand by a bass before.

Bass love to hide in cover of any kind and will hold close to it in most cases. The plastic worm is perfectly made to fish this type of cover. Make you cast in tight to the cover and watch your line sink to the bottom. Most strikes will happen on the fall. After your bait reaches the bottom on a tight line work it back changing the retrieve and working the tip of the rod to change the action of the bait some. Work in and around the cover all you can.

Just try to keep your bait in and around some type of cover for the greatest success. The plastic worm takes some practice to get the feel down for it, but once you do your catch rate will go way up.

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