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Don't overlook walleye fishing

One of the most overlooked and under-fished resources we have in our area is the walleye fishing at Carr Creek Lake.

Many fisherman are not aware of the number and of the nice size of walleye in this lake, and only a handful of anglers regularly fish for them. I have always said that the walleye fishing on Carr Creek is the best kept secret on the lake.

I have done some walleye fishing over the past few years on Carr Creek with some nice fish caught; one was more than four pounds and my best one was more than five pounds. This lake over the past few years has produced walleye more than eight pounds that I know of. I don’t care where you fish for walleye, that is a goodsized fish.

I really believe that in the next few years someone — hopefully me — will catch a walleye out of Carr Creek Lake that weighs more than 10 pounds.

I was fishing a bass tournament on Carr Creek a couple of years ago and we were going down the bank toward the beach when we saw something floating in the water. When we got closer we saw it was a huge walleye that had been hit by a boat motor propeller. This was one of the biggest walleye I had ever seen. I would say that it would go eight pounds or better.

I was told by some of the fishery biologists that keep track of the walleye on Carr Creek that the walleye in this lake grow faster than in most Kentucky lakes. This is because of a huge bait fish base in the lake, and the high quality of the water — rich in protein and good oxygen levels. Other area lakes like Laurel River Lake, Paintsville Lake and Lake Cumberland have walleye also. But all these lakes have something that walleye need that Carr Creek lake does not have — a major river for walleye to go upstream in the spring to spawn. Because of this, walleye at Carr Creek must be stocked at times, but walleye in Carr Creek will still outgrow the ones in these other lakes.

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department rates the fishing on different lakes during the year for several fish. It rated Carr Creek “good to excellent” in the spring months for walleye.

Walleye will come up shallow in the early spring and at night and during overcast and cloudy days. When they are shallow it is hard to beat a rattling crank bait fished fast close to the bank where the river channel hugs in close to the bank. During the day walleye will move to deeper flats and dropoffs and hold on river and creek channel edges. These fish like bright-colored baits like green chartreuse, yellow and white. Work big jig heads with live bait like minnows, nightcrawlers or leeches in these areas, or deep diving crank baits. Night fishing can be very rewarding.

I am really going to try to catch a monster walleye this year. Hope to see you on the water.

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