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Fishing from bank can produce

You are probably like me and many other people if you grew up loving to fish when you were young but had to fish from the bank most of the time.

We had fishing boats later on, but learned to fish for bluegill at lakes like Buckhorn Lake and Cherokee Lake in Tennessee. I pretty much grew up on and around these lakes camping, boating and fishing just like my own family did. Then a little later Carr Creek Lake was made and has been a great place to enjoy all these great outdoor activities. And we still spend time there when we can.

But there is good and bad about fishing off the bank versus fishing out of a boat. When fishing off the bank you are kind of stuck to a certain area, but just like any other thing you run into in fishing you have to make the best of it and look for ways to make it the most productive fishing you can.

One thing you can do from the bank is look for visible cover like weeds, any type of wood, or rocks. Fish love to hang around this type of cover and will use it for safety and to look and wait for food to go by. These are real hotspots for fish like bass and bluegill to hold onto or around.

Make your cast close to the cover and work the bait around it all you can. Also if you are bass fishing with an artificial bait from the bank, then make a long cast parallel to the bank and work it back for best results.

These are just a few tips to think of the next time you do some fishing from the bank.

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