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Gabby’s fishing fever

It pays to watch for certain ‘signs’

When you spend as much time as I have outdoors and around water fishing you learn to watch for signs of wildlife and for fish.

When you are fishing, watch in shallow water areas for mud clouds rising to the top. This is a sign of a fish moving from an area because of being spooked or running to hit a bait or prey. Fish like bass, catfish and carp are known to do this.

If you are moving slowly in a very weedy area and see the weeds or grass move this can be a sign of a fish. If you are bass fishing with a bait like a jig or worm you can sometimes make a cast into heavy cover and catch or spook a nice size bass. I have seen them come out of wood- or weed cover like a rocket when hooked. Fishing heavy cover with these types baits is also a big pattern for catching bass.

Another sign of bass being close to the surface is shad and minnows breaking the surface. This means feeding active bass are in the area. This is a great place to fish a bait like a shallow running crank bait or spinner bait. Top waters can bring explosive strikes by active bass.

Sometimes in clearer water you can actually see fish moving around in the water. When this is the case, use lighter, smaller line and tackle so as not to spook fish.

All these tips can help you locate — and hopefully catch — more fish.

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