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Gabby’s fishing fever

Finding bluegill in shallow waters

Bluegill are a fish of summertime for sure. These little fish love the warm season of the year and will stay active until early winter on most lakes.

During the warm parts of the year you can find bluegill all over most lakes and at nearly every depth. They will use deeper cooler water and cover and some will hang around shallow cover. You can catch bluegill in and around the shoreline, but they will always be close to some type of cover. This cover can be in many forms, anything from wood cover such as stumps, fallen trees, brush piles natural and man made, tree limbs hanging over in the water, and even wooden boat docks. Also, weeds and grass beds, rock piles and simple cuts and dips in the bank will hold bluegill. They just like to be around some form of cover for safety.

Most of the time you can find big numbers of these fish in a good area. This can make for a fast and exciting day of fishing. When looking for bigger size fish I always try to fish a little deeper and more isolated cover to find the larger bluegill.

If you do not have a lot of time to fish or get to go fishing very often, this is a great fish to look for. As I’ve said many times, fishing for bluegill is a great way to introduce someone new to fishing.

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