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Fishing in unfamiliar waters

We all have our favorite places to fish we know like the back of our hand.

Some anglers call great spots honey holes. These are the places that seem to always have good fish in them. We go back to these spots over and over looking for fish.

There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes we find ourselves fishing a new lake or pond or river we have never fished. This can be intimidating and confusing at times. But you just have to remember a fish is still a fish no matter where it swims. They will have the same general actions on most lakes.

There are the same things on any body of water that will position fish in certain areas. Things like water temperatures, available cover, food sources, water clarity, water depths, and fishing pressure. All these little things play into the big picture of where fish will hold and can be caught.

So what I am really saying is just stick to your basic knowledge of locating fish and use that to fine tune your search on any body of water. Look for any cover and signs of feeding fish activity like minnows or fish breaking the surface. These are all signs of a active area and you need to take time to fish it some.

Start off your fishing with a bait like a crank bait or spinner bait. These are search baits. They cover a lot of water fast and will find active feeding fish quicker. Then once you settle into a good area you can slow down with a worm, jig or tube bait if needed.

So the next time you fish unfamiliar waters give these tips a try.

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