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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fish becoming more aggressive now

As bad as we hate to admit it, summer has officially come to an end and cooler weather is coming. But it is not all bad because the fishing just gets better as it cools down, all the way into early winter.

There is a lot of good fishing during the summer months and a lot of good action, but each season of the year has its own fishing patterns and ways of having the most successful trip.

In the fall and early winter, both largemouth and smallmouth bass are more active as are crappie, walleye, musky, stripers and many others. This time of year the fish become more active and will be more aggressive. The cooler water has higher oxygen levels and the fish are more active. This is a good reason to get out all you can during the fall season to fish.

It is the peak activity time for fishing during the year. Fish are feeding up and putting on fat to hold them over the coldest part of winter. They will follow large baitfish and shad schools around and feed heavily, so try to fish bait that looks and acts like an injured baitfish. Crank baits, spinner baits and top waters and jerk and popper style baits will draw explosive strikes.

Be sure to plan a fall fishing trip.

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