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Gabby’s fishing fever

Birds feeding on surface is good sign

As the water continues to cool the fish will move to shallow areas and to spots close to the banks. These are the types of areas you will want to spend your time checking out for fishing success.

Watch your fish finder for signs on schools of baitfish holding in the area. This is normal for this time of year and the bass and other fish will hang close around. This is one of the best fall patterns for bass and used by most fall anglers.

Look for areas with birds feeding on the surface. This is a sign of a large shad or baitfish school and is a great area to fish in. Just watch for the action to slow or move and move with it. Also look for other signs like bass braking the surface or baitfish popping up out of the water. This is a sign of feeding bass and other fish.

Have a great fall fishing season!

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