Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

An exciting time to be on the water

It is the fall season and bass are chasing shad on the surface. This is a very exciting time to be on the water. Minnows are jumping out of the water and big bass are breaking the surface after them, throwing water everywhere and making loud splashing sounds.

If that does not get a fisherman excited he or she needs to turn in their fishing licenses. I look forward to fall fishing every year, not just bass but bluegill, crappie, musky and walleye. All these fish become more active in the fall season.

During this time of year the top water action will reach a peak and will stay good until early winter. If you live for explosive top water strikes from big bass and fish like musky, then this is the kickoff to your time of year. Top water action is one of the most exciting forms of fishing you can experience.

To see a dead calm surface explode with a huge bass coming completely out of the water and spraying water everywhere is a sight you will not forget. Use top water baits like buzz baits and big prop baits, jerk baits, poppers, twitch baits, or chuggers. The louder and more water the bait throws the better. Fish like bass and musky will try to destroy a top water bait at times now.

If you want a trip to remember, try to get out soon and cast your top water baits.

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