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Gabby’s fishing fever

Try using one of these five baits now

The weather has cooled down big time this week and will bring big bass like smallmouth and largemouth to the surface to feed. As I wrote last week, this makes this a great time to fish for bass with top-water baits.

There are several good topwater style baits such as buzz baits, jerk baits, twitch baits, poppers, chuggers, and plastic baits you can fish on or close to the surface like floating worms and fluke type baits.

These baits all have a best time of day and weather and water conditions where they will work best. Some of these baits can be fished slower like the jerk and twitch baits and the soft plastics. These work best when the action is slower or in very shallow water. The faster baits like the buzz and poppers work good when bass are really active on top water feeding on shad schools.

There will be times when you cannot reel the bait fast enough then time you want to just slowly move the bait through the water. You just have to try to determine the activity level of the bass and fish to match it. This will always give you a head start to setting up the best bass catching pattern.

The next time you go bass fishing this time of year give one of these top-water baits a try.

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