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Put those spinner baits to work now

There are several good baits that look and behave like a minnow. Top waters, jerk baits, and rattling lipless baits like a rattletrap work very well. But a spinnertype bait is a top choice for this time of year.

There are several styles, sizes and blade configurations that you can use. At this time of year the long slender blade known as a willow leaf is very common. Also popular at this time of year are the Colorado blade and the Indiana blade.

All of the blades I mentioned work well and have a time and place where they work best. You can also get a bait with one or more of a mixed blade bait.

When the spinner bait is retrieved through the water, the spinning blades give off a vibration or a thumping sound in the water. This alerts bass to the sound of an injured baitfish and they will react and follow that sound. This is the natural way bass find shad and baitfish, so the artificial bait works well.

Sometimes in muddy and stained water when bass cannot use their sight to find food the sound waves given off by the bait will track bass to it.

If you get out this fall to bass fish, try giving the spinner bait a try. You’ll be happy you did.

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