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Early summer bass fishing

During this time of year the water has warmed into the 78- to 79-degree range. Bass have finished spawning in the shallow water and have started moving out to deeper water to hold for the summer. But since the water is still in the high 70-degree range, bass will hold close to the shallow water areas to feed.

Bass will be most active in the low light times and at night. During the day if the weather changes and the sky becomes overcast, bass will move more shallow to feed. When you are fishing during this type of weather or at night look for shallow areas that have deeper water or a channel close by. This is a prime early summer spot for bass.

If there is cover present, this makes the area even better. Position your boat in the deeper water and cast baits like shallow running crank baits, willow leaf spinner baits, top waters and jerk baits into the shallow water and reel them back toward the deeper water. After you have worked the area like this, move to the end of the spot and position your boat parallel to the bank and make your casts also parallel to the bank. If you don’t do any good after this, move to a new area or try deeper water.

If you decide to try deeper water, you will want to switch to plastic type baits like worms. tube baits or spider jigs. These types of baits are most times fished with some type of sinker weight; this makes them more efficient at fishing deeper water. Also medium to deeper diving crank baits fished close to wood or rock cover can produce deeper bass. A spinner bait with a Colorado blade fished slowly will produce a lot of thump and vibration in the water, calling bass to it.

A lot of bass anglers have reported to me of good size bass being caught on plastic worms at night. Most are using darker colors like black, blue and purple for best results.

Shallow water early and deeper later in the day is a basic early summer bass pattern that should hold up till the water temperatures move up into the mid 80s. Then it will be mostly night fishing and deeper water fishing for bass.

So get out on your favorite bass lake and give this bass fishing a try.

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